40 Wonderful Years

If you have visited Ocean City, Maryland, you’ve most likely spotted someone wearing the world famous M.R. Ducks tee shirt. Each year a renowned wildlife artist is commissioned to paint the design for the current year, which over the years has become a collectors item for the M.R. Ducks patron. Lloyd and Gail Lewis opened the well-known M.R. Ducks gazebo bar (without a name) in the 1980’s for the convenience of the guests of the Talbot Inn and the charter fisherman returning to the pier at the end of their day. The bar became a watering hole not only for the guests of the Inn, but that of locals and visitors to Ocean City as well. As the first season came to a close, the name M.R. Ducks was finally chosen. The name comes from a Duck Hunter’s poem about two duck hunters in a duck blind, with one saying to the other: “M.R. Ducks (them are ducks), M.R. Not (them are not), O.S.A.R (oh, yes they are), C.M. Wangs (see them wings), L.I.B (well I’ll be) M.R. Ducks (them are ducks). Eventually tee shirts were printed and sold from the Dock Office, with the shirts stored in leftover beer flats and a cigar box for a cash register. M.R. Ducks retail now features a full line of clothing depicting the great outdoors with five locations; three in Ocean City, two locations in Myrtle Beach and you can find M.R. Ducks Apparel on-line at . The M.R. Ducks Saloon continues to be a comfortable and relaxing spot over the bay to gather with friends and enjoy the ever popular Chug-a-Duck, M.R. Ducks crab dip or the signature wings. You might even hear a tall (fish) tale or two and catch an unforgettable sunset while listening to great entertainment. Located at 311 Talbot Street, the M.R. Ducks flagship location has expanded to include the boats of The Talbot Street Pier. Search for buried treasure aboard the Duckaneer Pirate Ship or enjoy an afternoon flounder fishing on the Happy Hooker. You can even learn about the local marine life on the Assateague Adventure or the Assateague Explorer while taking in the beautiful views on the Sinepuxent Bay. The OC Rocket rounds out the fleet, offering an oceanfront speedboat ride with the chance to see dolphins and the opportunity to view Ocean City from a different perspective! A lot has changed in Ocean City over the last 40 years, but M.R.Ducks continues to be a family owned and operated establishment with something to offer the entire family! You can come stay and play right on Talbot Street!

Ocean Cities Best Fishing Charters Are At Talbot Street Pier​

Fishing charters are the stuff memories are made of. Getting away from everyday life and doing something special as a group – there’s really nothing quite like it. This could be a regular event or one-off thing. Either way, you want to choose the right charter and enjoy your dream day on the water.That’s where we come in. At Talbot Street Pier, we have multiple types of vessels and charters available to suit your routine or family vacation’s needs.  What makes our fishing charters different? More than anything, it’s the captain that makes the trip. Our charters have our expert captain Jimmy Hahn behind the wheel. With over 25 years of angler experience, knows all of the best spots around Ocean City to allow you to catch the fish that you want. We offer inshore, nearshore, and offshore charters of all types. We have charters for near-novices to tournament level anglers. No matter what your skill level is, the charters at Talbot Street Pier will be able to get you your money’s worth.   Take a look at some of our charter boats The Restless Lady  Our very own 46’ USCG inspected vessel that can carry large groups of up to 28 passengers. From mid-May to October you can catch big ones on the Restless Lady. From Tuna, Marlin, and even Shark. We put you on the edge of your seat in a tournament style charter adventure. M.R. Ducks  Our Captain Jimmy Hahn is a 100-ton master with 25 years’ experience. He specializes in Giant Bluefin Tuna and scallops. Jimmy mans this 50’ vessel along with our experience crew members. The M.R. Ducks boat fishes all of the tournaments in Ocean City. From August to October you can still expect to catch Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Dolphin/Mahi, and Wahoo. The Happy Hooker   Your whole family can walk onboard our 40’ pontoon boat The Happy Hooker. We take you through the best spots around Ocean City for a beautiful yet thrilling fishing adventure. Check out our recent blog post to find out all what you’ll get to do aboard the Happy Hooker. Whether it be a single or multi day adventure, family or friend’s trip, novice or tournament competition. The charters at Talbot Street Pier have got you covered! You can visit our website and book online now for your next upcoming trip!​

The Assateague Adventure Nature Tour​

On our Assateague Adventure nature tour, you get to experience Assateague Island and in a way that is simply not possible from land. Our interactive and hands-on tour lands on the island itself and gets your family up close to the natural habitat and wildlife. Our expert guide’s show you the hidden beauty and wildlife of the waterways Ocean City was built on!  Learn About Ocean Cities Waterways and History Our nature tours feature close-up views of the world-famous ponies, an abundant bird population, and beautiful sunsets all from our exceptionally comfortable pontoon boat. Cruise all the best areas of Assateague Island for pony viewing, including rarely accessed areas to the north where many herds live in seclusion from beachgoers and fisherman. When your family is on-board the Assateague Adventure, we maximize your potential to encounter wild ponies close-up. It is also common to see dolphins, bald eagles, and an array of other wildlife on our tours. Many of our customers tell us that our cruise was the highlight of their Ocean City vacation!  Wild Horses Up Close Our nature tour is great for horse lovers who enjoy watching ponies in a natural habitat, folks who like birdwatching, families that love dolphins and anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Our tour is fully narrated by an expert guide who will give the history of the waterway, point out local landmarks, and identify different species of plants and animals’ native to the waterways around Ocean City. Our tour boat has a restroom and is coast guard certified so all your family stays together on one boat.  Interactive Hands-On Family Experiences  Our tour is different than the rest of Ocean Cities offerings. On the Assateague Adventure at Talbot St. Pier, we take you and your family for an interactive experience on the island itself! We dock our boat on the sandy shores of Assateague Island and get everyone involved with hands on activities. Your child will be given a small net so they catch beach crabs or to find an assortment of seashells that land on the island - and who knows, they could even find some buried treasure! While you are on the tour, our guides show your little ones some different types of marine animal’s native to Assateague Island in our Marine Animal Touch Tank, complete with starfish, mollusks, different types of clams, crustaceans, and horseshoe crabs! Your kids will be able to hold huge conch shells and get up and close to live sea creatures!  All Aboard The Assateague Adventure The Assateague Adventure Nature Tour is something that any family will love. Nothing beats being outdoors in nature cruising along the beautiful waterways and learning about the nature that surrounds us. During our peak season, the tours fill up fast, so book yours today! Come on down to the Talbot Street Pier for your next family adventure!​

12-Year Old Catches 20 Inch Flounder In Ocean City ​

You heard us right, the headline does not lie! You and your family can catch big on the Happy Hooker during your vacation in Ocean City Maryland this summer! The fish are biting in 2021, cool water in the Bay is causing some amazing sized fish to be caught early in the season. Sizable Rockfish and Croaker have already been caught this summer!  ​Welcome to Ocean City’s first and longest running fishing charter for kids of all ages! The Happy Hooker at Talbot St. Pier takes a great deal of pride in offering one of the only fishing charters here on the beach that specifically caters to families and children. The Happy Hooker started providing bay fishing trips in Ocean City in 1992 at Talbot Street Pier. The Happy Hooker is a specially designed 37-foot bay fishing headboat. Anglers aboard the Happy Hooker can catch Flounder, Croaker and Rockfish.  Taking a kid fishing is one of the best adventures Ocean City has to offer. When you take the little ones fishing you want them to enjoy the day out on the water. Well, that is what we are here for. While fishing with Capt. Jimmy Hahn your kids will receive the professional tips and learn the skills needed to go home and show their friends the awesome new stuff they did while on vacation. We supply all the equipment needed to get them hooked on fishing. All tackle used on these trips is size appropriate, the little ones really do not need to be holding the same rod that dad is fishing with. The captain and mate will assist you with set up and will find the best spots in the bay where the fish are biting.   The Happy Hooker is something the entire family will enjoy as there is always excitement in the air and fish in the boat! Head on down to Talbot St. Pier in Ocean City Maryland or you can book your families reservation online. Be sure to check the schedule on our website ahead of time for updated information:

2021 Ocean City Itinerary Ideas

2021 Ocean City Itinerary Ideas

Talbot Street Watersports: A Different Type of Boat Tour for Everyone

There's no better way to spend your time at the Beach than on the water and exploring! Whether you're fighting pirates, speeding by along dolphins or exploring the wild life in Assateague; there's something for the entire family! Choose from:OC Rocket Speedboat- An exciting ride along the coastline of OC.Assateague Adventure- Popular eco-cruises. Family fun for all ages as well as educational!Duckaneer- Interactive Pirate adventure theme cruise. Fun for all!Happy Hooker- Family fun fishing trips on the coastal bays.  Whatever your boating tour vacation trip needs are in Ocean City Maryland, we have you covered!  All boats also available for private trips.  

M.R. Ducks Bar & Grill

M.R. Ducks Bar and Grille in downtown Ocean City, Maryland is located on 311 Talbot Street and the bay. Just a few blocks from the crowds of the beach and boardwalk, you will find the unique charm of M.R. Ducks Bar and Grille. The gazebo style bar is built over the water to help keep you cool on those hot summer days.  

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